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Looking for a federal tax form? Browse this online tax forms library to find downloadable IRS forms. The forms are presented in PDF format and are acceptable for filing with the IRS. You may also choose from dozens of helpful tax publications developed by the IRS to help taxpayers have a better understanding of various tax issues. Available in PDF format, these publications are written in a plain language format geared specifically to taxpayers.
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FAQ: What is a tax return transcript?
Taxpayers can request a copy of their federal income tax return and all attachments from the IRS. In lieu of a copy of your return (and to save the fee that the IRS charges for a copy of your tax return), you can request a tax transcript from the IRS at no charge. A tax transcript is a computer print-out of your return information.

How do I?… Claim the adoption tax credit?
Adoptive parents may be eligible for federal tax incentives. The Tax Code includes an adoption tax credit to help defray the costs of an adoption. Recent changes to the adoption tax credit make it very valuable.

Back-to-school look at education tax benefits
The start of the school year is a good time to consider the variety of tax benefits available for education. Congress has been generous in providing education benefits in the form of credits, deductions and exclusions from income. The following list describes the most often used of these benefits.

Identifying investment-related issues from fluctuating markets
With the stock market fluctuating up and down (but especially down), some investors may decide to cash out investments that they initially planned to hold. They may have taxable gains or losses they did not expect to realize. Other investors may look to diversifying their portfolios further, moving a more significant portion into Treasury bills, CDs and other “cash-like” instruments, or even into gold and other precious metals. Here are reminders about some of the tax issues involved in these decisions.

Tax measures large and small await Congressional action
Congress has returned to work after its August recess under a tight deadline to reduce the federal budget deficit and also, possibly, extend some expiring tax incentives. Between now and the end of the year, Congress could enact significant tax reform in a deficit reduction package; or it may take a piecemeal approach. All this Congressional activity contributes to uncertainty in tax planning.